5 Garage Shelving Organization Ideas

Garage shelving can be a very useful way to organize and store extra items. By utilizing different types of shelves, bins, and other organizational methods, you can make your garage look clean and uncluttered. Creating more space for storage in your garage can also help you avoid getting too many items on the floor. One way to get started is by recycling some of your extra items, such as milk jugs or firewood.

Adding shelves to a garage

Adding shelving to a garage can be a great way to make the space more functional while keeping it neat and organized. There are many different storage options available, from floor-to-ceiling storage to wall-mounted shelving. While the height of the shelves is completely up to you, consider keeping a maximum of six feet away from the ceiling for easy access. It is also recommended that you avoid placing heavy or lightweight items on high shelves.

Adding shelves can also help keep tools, cleaning supplies, and gardening supplies off the garage floor. Overhead storage racks can be made from 2” PVC pipes or steel pipes. Straight PVC pipe can be nailed to the ceiling joists, while angled pieces can be screwed into a cross brace. Monkey-bar-style shelves are another option and can be customized for your specific needs. Unlike traditional pegboards, these are durable and provide custom storage solutions. Moreover, you can customize the placement of the bars and hooks to suit your needs.

Custom-made track systems are another great option for garage organization. Though they are more expensive than standalone units, they provide floor-to-ceiling storage that can be easily adapted to your lifestyle and needs. For instance, you can place large bins of seasonal items on the high shelves, while regular items should be placed in drawers at eye level. To make your garage shelving look unified, use matching containers and labels for your bins.

Adding faux built-ins to a garage

If you have a garage and want to organize it better, consider adding some faux built-ins to the shelves. You can even convert a regular bookcase into a built-in look by adding decorative trim. Try to use the same style of trim as the rest of the room.

Adding plastic bins to a garage

Plastic bins are a practical solution for organizing your garage. They can be mounted on slatted wall panels, which allows you to adjust the placement without damaging the drywall. The cabinets are also resistant to corrosion and are strong enough to hold 150 pounds. They also provide ample storage space for a variety of items.

Plastic bins come in various styles and sizes. Some are lightweight, making them easy to move around and stack vertically. Some are clear, so you can clearly see the items inside. Other types are opaque, which can hide unsightly clutter and keep items out of the sun. You can also choose heavy-duty storage containers with sturdy latches and wheels on the bottom. Some plastic storage containers are divided into sections, so you can store smaller items inside.

Another useful solution for organizing your garage is installing boot storage. Round or rectangular wooden pieces with a round poll can serve as storage for various types of boots. You can also use heavy-duty wall hooks for your boots, which will make it easier for you to find the items you need.

Adding plastic bins to your garage organizing organization will give you more space and will also make it easier for you to find what you need. Using clear plastic bins allows you to easily identify the contents of each storage box and will help you find the items quickly. The first step to organizing your garage is to get rid of items that you rarely use.

Adding a hat rack or coat rack

Adding a hat rack or coat hanger to your garage shelving organization ideas can increase its functionality and look. The rack can be created from different materials. For instance, you can create a hat rack by converting an old gun rack into a hat rack. Distressed painted edges are ideal for adding a vintage look to this DIY hat hanger. You can also add a beam with old golden hooks to your rack. This idea requires drilling holes into a wooden board, which allows for the pegs to be placed in various locations.

Another option for a hat rack is a pallet hat rack. These are usually made from pallet slats painted in different colors, which allow them to be used for hanging a variety of hats. You can find a variety of racks online.

A hat rack made of wooden beams is also a great option. It has long hooks that can be attached to the wooden beam. Another idea is to repurpose an old cosmetics holder and use it as a hat rack. This method is inexpensive and works great for storing hats.

You can also use an inexpensive shower curtain hook to hang hats. Make sure to check the tension of the chain before clipping on the brim. Or, you can hang hats from a wooden ladder. You can also use macrame thread to hang hats on the wall. You can find a tutorial at Darling Darleen’s blog. You can also use copper pipe or a wooden dowel rod to create a hat rack.

Adding plywood to a garage wall storage idea

Adding plywood to your garage wall is a simple, inexpensive storage idea. Installed over bare studs or drywall, plywood can be customized with a variety of storage options. Plywood is a strong, versatile building material that can warp if stored improperly. You can build a rack or use existing hardware to hang the plywood sheets.

You can purchase 3/4-inch plywood at home centers for under $200. Make sure you get a thick piece with a smooth surface and avoid particleboard. Particleboard is not durable enough and will not hold screws properly. You will also need standard hand tools and a circular saw for cutting the plywood. Full sheets of plywood can be a bit awkward to handle.

You can also use ratchet straps and canvas bungee cords to attach plywood sheets to the rack. Either of these options can prevent warping. You can add shelves or casters to your plywood storage rack to give you more versatility. It’s also a great way to organize small items.

Wall-mounted shelving is a common fixture in garages. These units usually consist of hooks fastened to wall studs or drywall. You can also purchase kits that include everything you need to install a horizontal system, including accessories. However, these systems are not as versatile as pegboard and Slatwall.

Adding a retractable cord reel to a garage wall storage idea

A retractable cord reel is an excellent tool for storing your extension cords. These retractable reels are convenient and easy to use because they automatically retract without kinking. They can lock at any length, making it easier to store your cords. Using these handy units will save you time and money on buying extension cords, and you’ll also have less clutter on your walls.

The Aceland Retractable Extension Cord Reel shares many features with the Reel Works model, including a mounting bracket and closed reel housing. This retractable cord reel is made from a durable plastic material with a metal frame. The reel retracts by using a spring mechanism that stores and releases energy. This makes the retractable cord reel convenient to use, but it does limit the amount of cord that can be stored.

When purchasing a retractable cord reel, make sure that it is large enough to accommodate the cord you want to store. The larger the cord, the larger the reel will have to be. Also, consider the active length, the distance between the reel’s drum and the location where the cord will be laid down.

A good extension cord reel will also help save space in your garage. The good ones will wind the cords tightly, taking up less counter space and storage space, which is especially helpful in small kitchens. Choose a model that works with either a spring mechanism or a motor to wind the cords. The spring-loaded type is easier to use and requires no power, while the motorized version requires a small amount of energy to operate.

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