Things to Do in North Judson, Indiana

If you’re looking for something to do in North Judson, Indiana, you’ve come to the right place. Find out what to do and where to eat. There are plenty of restaurants within 2 hours of the city. You can also find out more about the Master Parks plan and the trail system.


The Erie Trail is a nine mile multi-use greenway, free to the public, that runs from Main Street in North Judson to US 35 near Bass Lake. This trail does not allow motor vehicles and is primarily designed for walking, bicycling, and horseback riding. Two more miles of the trail are currently under development east of US 35.

The trail connects to the Panhandle Pathway in Pulaski County. It also uses public roads, which are also used by motorized vehicles. At one point, the trail intersects with Starke County Road 200 East, which runs through the town of North Judson.

The North Judson Trail is a beautiful way to get out and enjoy the scenery. It is flat and very easy to navigate, and the asphalt surface makes it very easy to ride a bike. The Prairie Trails Club is planning to extend the trail to the northwest along the railroad tracks.


The Town of North Judson has recently submitted a draft five-year Master Parks plan to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. The plan is still in the preliminary stages and the public may view it at this link. Once the plan is finalized, the town will submit it for formal approval to the state department, and will then be able to apply for grant funds to complete its plan.

The plan also considers how the existing greenway network impacts the development of a park. For example, it is important to consider the current and future access to existing greenways as a way to define the service level and area for future parks. This will inform the site selection process. Locations of future trails will also be considered. Parks should be easily accessible from adjacent roadways and should incorporate nature features.

The needs assessment process included public and committee input. This input was collected at public meetings, through multiple park subcommittee meetings, and through an online survey. The goals and objectives of the plan were developed based on these inputs and were further refined throughout the process. These goals and objectives served as the framework for recommendations for the parks. They also informed the overall planning process.

The Master Parks plan also includes the development of new trails in the Parks. The Trail Master Plan Map shows the existing trails and the proposed trails. The plan shows both City-owned and privately owned properties along the trail. In addition to the existing trails, the plan also includes the development of new trails from US-80 to North Fourth Street.

In addition to planning new parks, the master parks plan also incorporates improvements to existing neighborhood parks. These parks have many issues that need repair and would benefit from improved general maintenance, new sidewalks, and restriping. These improvements would make them more accessible and appealing to residents and visitors. During the process, the master parks plan also considers the neighborhood’s revitalization efforts.


If you’re looking for a restaurant in North Judson, Indiana, there are many options. There are also a number of takeout options in the area. Adding your business will ensure that your listing appears above the Standard listings. And, if you want to enjoy your meal while on the go, you can order takeout online.

Uber Eats is another convenient option for food delivery. With this app, you can easily browse North Judson restaurants and see which ones deliver. You can even select your cuisine and view star ratings. Once you’ve made your selection, you can use the app to place your order and track the delivery.

Activities at the Knox and North Judson locations

Activities at the Knox and North Judson senior centers include bingo, card games, chair yoga, crafts, and other activities that are suitable for seniors. For more information, check the calendar, or contact the center’s managers. They can help you plan activities based on your interests.

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