Shoe Storage For Small Entryways

When you’re trying to find shoe storage for a small entryway, don’t be limited to the typical shoe cabinet. There are many great options, including a bench that stores shoes, a coat rack with additional cabinets, and ladders. These are great ideas for entryways of all sizes, and most are very affordable.

Bench with shoe storage

If you have a small entryway, a bench with shoe storage is a great solution. It provides storage space for shoes and can provide extra seating, too. The bench includes two open shelves and two storage bins. It has four adjustable feet and is strong enough to hold up to 198 pounds.

Entryway benches with shoe storage come in many styles and sizes. Some are made specifically for entryways, and others can fit in rooms with limited space. The most common style is a hybrid piece. Many of these designs feature built-in shoe racks. In addition to providing shoe storage, they may also feature other storage space, such as hooks for hats and other accessories.

A shoe storage bench with caster wheels is another stylish option for small entryways. One such model from Wayfair offers nine shelves and can hold up to 18 pairs of shoes. The top shelf is especially useful for taller pairs of shoes. Shoe storage benches also make a great first impression on guests.

Coat rack with additional cabinets

Coat racks with additional cabinets in small entryways can offer much-needed storage space for your small entryway. These systems usually feature up to nine hooks that are adjustable to accommodate varying sizes and types of items. Some also come with a small top shelf that can be used for summer and winter accessories. Other features include a built-in bench and shelving for mail and handbags.

The minimalist design of this entryway bench coat rack makes it the perfect choice for small entryways. Featuring five open-grid metal shelves below a wooden bench, this piece is the perfect storage space for storing shoes, coats, and more. It also has a weight capacity of 15 pounds.

Coat racks can be installed in small entryways using simple wall mounting hardware. There are several types of wall-mounted coat racks to choose from, including wall-mounted cabinets and benches. A grey-toned wood finish is a great choice for small entryways.


Ladders are a great way to add storage to a small entryway. They offer a simple, functional option and are a unique way to display shoes. A simple wooden ladder is an ideal choice for a small entryway and will provide enough space for shoes and extra decor. They also save valuable floor space and can be placed against any wall.

If you’re able to find a ladder that has a couple of tiers, you’ll have an attractive storage space for your shoes. There are several different kinds of ladders, including those that have a shelf at the top. A wooden ladder works best for a small entryway, as it hides the filth from view and doesn’t take up much space.

Ladders are also a great way to store small items. You can find a small ladder that leans against the wall, or a tall one that has multiple levels. A wooden ladder can fit easily into any nook or a small space, and you can mix and match colors to create a unique, functional design.


If you have a small entryway, a ladder for shoe storage is a great idea. This space-saving piece of furniture not only offers storage, but also makes a stylish first impression. You can easily build a ladder for shoe storage from scratch and paint it to match the rest of your home. It is an ideal solution for storing shoes, and it can also be used for other purposes in your home.

A wooden ladder is a classic entryway shoe storage option. These wooden ladders are classy, but can only hold so many pairs of shoes. Another option is a ladder shelf. You can build one yourself using an old ladder or an old A-frame bookcase. Simply place boards on each rung and stand it vertically.


Adding baskets to your entryway is a simple way to increase storage space without adding bulky built-ins. These versatile storage units have two 33-inch pockets and are machine-washable. Baskets allow products to breathe and keep shoes in good shape, making them ideal for a small entryway. You can also label each basket with the name of a family member or special occasion.

Floating shoe shelves are another great option. These are usually made from wood and come with upright ledges so that the shoes won’t fall off. You can even buy wall hooks that can fit in small entryways, making storage even more convenient. Another option is to install a tension rod in a small nook.

Baskets are also a great way to store extra shoes. Make sure you get one with enough storage space to accommodate several pairs of shoes. Besides storing shoes, these units can also serve as benches. This option is especially useful for small entryways, as it allows you to sit down and put on your shoes comfortably.

Bench with cubby style storage

A bench with cubby style storage is an excellent choice for small entryways, foyers, and mudrooms. With its chunky rectangular silhouette, classic bracket feet, and three spacious cubbies, this bench offers plenty of storage space for shoes, baskets, and other out-of-door essentials. Plus, it comes with three fabric storage baskets that are perfect for keeping shoes and other out-of-door essentials organized.

A bench with cubby style storage is an affordable way to make the most of a small entryway. It offers additional space and can be repainted to fit your home’s style. It can also double as a coat rack and a handy place to keep small items.

A bench with cubby style storage can help you create a warm and welcoming entryway. This piece of furniture can be found in many different colors, including teal. This shade of blue can add a soothing tone to any room. Another color that would work well in an entryway is cream or navy blue. Another attractive bench with storage features a decorative arched fretwork on the top and a deep, built-in storage compartment.

Coat rack with built-in cabinets

Entryways are notorious for being a dumping ground for clutter, but with the right coat rack and storage cabinets, they can be made to function as functional storage units. This coat rack from Homekoko is a good example of a multi-purpose piece of furniture. Not only is it functional, but it’s also stylish and looks great. Best of all, it’s currently available on Amazon for up to 29 percent off.

The Bush Furniture Entryway Bench and Coat Rack features six Weathered Nickel hooks, while the three open cubby spaces provide storage for small items. The bench has a transitional design and comes in a choice of three finishes. The Bush Furniture Coat Rack has undergone extensive testing for safety and durability. Regardless of the design you choose, you can rest assured that it will serve your entryway well for years to come.

The Handmade Haven entryway tree is another example of an entryway furniture solution. This piece is designed to serve as a bench and coat rack, as well as a shoe rack. The coat rack comes with a built-in bench, so you can easily access the storage compartments for your shoes. The bench also features shelving for mail and handbags.

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