Places to Visit in Millville, New Jersey

Millville is a city in Cumberland County, New Jersey. It has a population of 28,400, which is up by 1,553 from the 1990 and 2000 censuses. The city has many different attractions that you can visit. For example, there is a nature preserve and a performing arts center, as well as many restaurants.

Nature preserve

The Maurice River Bluffs Nature Preserve is an incredibly special place in the city of Millville, New Jersey. The land was once slated for development as riverfront condos, but thanks to the Nature Conservancy, the land is now a pristine park with trails and ruins galore.

There are plenty of opportunities to get outdoors, including fishing, hiking, and birdwatching. You’ll be able to spot eagles, osprey, and many other species of wildlife. There are designated bird watching areas that will allow you to find the best vantage points to see these birds. The park is dog-friendly, and visitors are encouraged to follow leave-no-trace principles, which means that they should pick up litter and leave the park as they found it.

You’ll also have the chance to visit the Levoy Theatre, which opened in 1908. The historic theater is home to a large collection of art, including a number of WWII aircraft. The theatre also hosts musical and literary events. During the summer, the Levoy hosts an annual theater festival and offers theatre classes for children and adults. There are also many other activities that are available to keep your kids busy.

Visitors can also check out the ruins of an old house from the late 1700s on one of the trails. The home was a favorite stopover for many World War II soldiers. It was occupied until the 1980s, but it is unclear when it was demolished. The ruins show that a fire occurred at some point, as the remaining wood is still charred. The preserve also features a few other interesting structures, including a 1700s stone farmhouse and a bird blind.

Performing arts center

If you’re looking for a place to go out and experience the arts, then a trip to the Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts is the answer. This cultural center is home to dance performances, live music, and visual arts. The Center also hosts events and classes. Its mission is to offer Millville residents a culturally enriching experience.

The Levoy Theatre is a six hundred and sixty-seat performing arts center in Millville, New Jersey. The theater was built in 1898 and replaced a ten-year-old theatre that burned down. During the 19th century, the Wilson Opera House was the largest theatre in Millville. Among the early patrons of the theatre was William “Pop” Somers, of Somers Point and Atlantic City fame. He was also one of the first designers of the Ferris Wheel, which only gained fame after a lengthy court battle.

The Performing Arts Center in Millville, New Jersey is home to a variety of live performances. Many of these shows feature talented local performers. For a fun date night, consider watching a musical or dramedy by a local theater company. This venue offers a diverse selection of shows for every taste and budget.

In addition to performing arts, the Algonquin Arts Center features a variety of art programs. Its mission is to promote and foster creative exchange. The center’s diverse cultural offerings include musicals, dance, and film. Axelrod Performing Arts Center presents professional staged shows and collaborates with top Broadway directors. It also features the Crossroads Theatre Company, which is the first African-American theater to win a Tony Award.


The Glasstown Brewery in Millville, New Jersey opened in December 2013 and is named for Millville’s rich history. The brewery sits within the Army Airfield Historic District, which played a vital role in World War II. This airfield trained P-47 Thunderbolt aircraft, and today it houses a brewery and tasting room. You can take a tour of the historic site and learn more about the history of the area.


Downtown Millville, New Jersey, is a great place to go shopping. The downtown district is home to many small businesses that operate independently. You can browse their inventory and choose items from their sales to bring home with you. There are many local restaurants and coffee shops in the area, and you can try some of the local specialties from the local farmers’ market. The downtown area also features a wide variety of microbreweries that offer a unique experience.

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