How to Find Out Your Ring Size Without Telling Your Partner

If you don’t want to tell your partner the exact size of your ring, you can easily measure the finger of your partner. You can use a ring sizing gauge to measure the finger while he or she is sleeping. However, this method might not work for restless or light sleepers as the finger will shrink over time.

Using a ring sizer

Using a ring sizer to figure out your ring size without telling your partner is a simple but effective way to get the exact ring size. The right ring sizer will be snug, but should be easy to get on and off your finger. A good ring sizer will come with a guide and video so that you can demonstrate how to use it.

First, use a piece of paper or string to measure your ring size. Most rings are measured in millimeters. Sizes range from size five to size thirteen. If you do not have a ring sizer, you can also use a printable ring sizer. You will need to cut a small slot on a piece of paper for the pointed end of the paper.

If you do not want to tell your partner, you can ask your friends or relatives. A friend who has an engagement or wedding ring might know the size of your ring. While borrowing someone else’s things is not very nice, it is OK if you have good intentions.

While using a ring sizer to find out a ring size without telling your partner is not traditional engagement etiquette, it will not take away from the romantic moment. Using a ring sizer to check the size of your ring is easy and safe. Even if you accidentally get your ring size wrong, it is easy to have it resized after the proposal.

Borrowing a ring

One of the best ways to get your ring size without telling your partner is by borrowing someone else’s ring. This can be done discreetly and involves spying on your partner while they’re home. Just make sure that the ring is meant for her ring finger. This is important because fingers can vary in size.

Borrowing a ring size without letting your partner know is a good way to avoid being caught, and can be used as a temporary solution while you’re shopping for a ring. While it may seem like a risky option, it is actually a much safer option. To ensure your partner’s privacy, borrow a ring that she rarely wears, and will not notice that you borrowed it.

Borrowing a ring size without letting your partner know may also be a good option if you’re not sure of your partner’s size. A wide ring will likely fit tighter than a thinner one, so make sure to borrow a ring the same width as the one you’re planning on buying. Borrowing a ring size is not only useful if you’re planning to propose a diamond ring, but it can also be used as a gift on an anniversary or birthday.

Borrowing a ring size from a friend or family member may not be the best idea. In fact, it may not be accurate. In addition, the ring may not fit properly on the ring finger. It might even be bigger on the other hand. If you’re planning to borrow a ring from a friend, make sure you return it in time. Otherwise, you’ll have to explain why you borrowed it in the first place.

Using a tape measure

The first step to finding out your ring size without telling your partner is to wrap a piece of string around your ring finger. It should be snug enough to slide over your knuckle, but not too snug. Then, use a pen to mark the point where the string meets the ring. You can then measure in millimeters.

If you’re unsure of the right way to measure your partner’s ring size, the easiest method is to use a tape measure. Take the tape measure and wrap it around your finger. Once you have the right length, trace it over the ring chart and bring it with you to the jeweler. Another way to find out your partner’s ring size is to put the ring on a bar of soap and press it into it. Of course, you’ll have to wash the soap before putting it back into the mold. However, this is more time consuming and isn’t recommended. You can also try wrapping a piece of string around your partner’s finger to see how much of a difference it makes.

Using a ruler to measure your ring size is another option, but it’s not the most practical way to measure it. Using a ruler requires you to choose a starting point on your finger and then pivot around the finger while keeping the ruler close to your partner’s skin. You can also use a ring you’ve previously purchased as a ring size chart.

Asking a friend

There are a few ways to find out the ring size of your partner without them knowing. One way is to get help from a friend. Your friend is engaged and can give you a rough idea of their size. Another way is to ask a friend to try on their engagement ring so you can get the right size for your partner.

If you don’t live with your partner, you can ask a friend or family member to find out your partner’s ring size. Ask your best friend or sister to help you. You can also ask a friend who goes out often with her. But be sure to keep this secret.

Another option is to use a ring sizer. You can either get one for free, or use a $5 ring sizing device to find out your partner’s ring size. This will save you a lot of time and money. If you can’t find a ring sizing tool, you can borrow someone’s engagement or wedding ring. While this isn’t very nice, it’s perfectly acceptable if your intentions are good.

If you don’t want your partner to know, you can ask a friend to take your partner ring shopping so she can get the right size. Besides getting a proper ring, she will also get to know about your taste and preferences.

Using a dummy ring

If you’re worried that your partner will find out about your ring size, you can make it look like a surprise by using a dummy ring. You can find a ring at an accessory store or even on the street. You can wear the dummy ring and measure your partner’s finger to be sure.

To make this trick work, you can buy a ring sizer that comes with numbers printed on it. Place it around your finger, making sure the numbers are facing up. You should be able to slide your finger over it with a small amount of resistance, but it shouldn’t fall off. You can also use a piece of non-stretchy string wrapped around your left finger and make a pen mark where the string and the ring meet. After you have measured your finger size, you can make a note of the result in millimeters.

You can also use your friend’s or family members to help you. They may have tried on a ring before and can help you with the measurement. But their measurements may not be as accurate as the ones obtained from your partner’s finger.

Another way to find out your ring size is to ask a friend. A friend can help you judge the size of a ring on your best friend. However, you should be careful not to ask your partner for her ring size, as this could backfire and ruin the surprise.

Using a jeweler

Using a jeweler to find out the size of a ring is a great way to surprise your partner without giving him or her the wrong information. The trick to this method is to use a well-fitting ring as the measurement. A jeweler can make an accurate judgment on any size, even if you are wearing the ring every day. Some jewelers recommend placing the ring in a bar of soap or soft wax and making an impression of it. This impression is then measured by the jeweler to ensure that the ring fits correctly.

Another way to find out the ring size without telling your partner is to slide a ring onto your partner’s finger and measure the gap at the base of the ring. Then, add this measurement to the existing circumference of the ring. Alternatively, you can take your partner to the jeweler and have them measure the ring on your finger. The ring size will differ if you wear it on your other fingers, as the dominant hand tends to be larger than the others.

You could also try tracing the left hand of your partner and take it to the jeweler to estimate the size. This method is tricky and might not be worth it. However, it can be done with a woman while she is asleep, but you have to be very careful. Otherwise, she may wake up. You could also play this trick while admiring her long, slender fingers.

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