Best Places to Visit in Little Silver, New Jersey

If you’re looking for the best places to visit in Little Silver, New Jersey, you have come to the right place. Moovit helps you get the best places to see in Little Silver and nearby cities. You can find places to eat, see, and do in Little Silver, as well as get directions from nearby cities. In addition, you can find Moovit’s interactive map, which shows you the distances to various destinations in Little Silver.

Moovit helps you find the best place to visit in Little Silver

With over 930 million users, Moovit is the best way to get around. The Moovit app can help you get to Little Silver, NJ by bus, subway, or train. You can use Moovit to plan your trip by mode, and get updated time schedules.

Moovit also has free maps and real-time directions to the Red Bank Visitor Center. With Moovit, you can see where stops are located and how long they’ll take you to get there. If you’re driving, Moovit can give you the best route based on traffic and road conditions.

Distances from Little Silver to nearby cities

If you’re planning a road trip from Little Silver, NJ, you may be wondering how far it is to nearby cities. You can use this guide to find the distance between cities and make your travel plans. This list provides the distances from Little Silver to nearby cities in miles and kilometers.

The distance from Little Silver to nearby cities is about 55 miles or 90 kilometers. A 50-mile radius would cover Marlton, NJ, while a 90-kilometer radius would include Ewing, Trenton, and New Brunswick. If you’d like to go a shorter distance, try setting the radius to a smaller value.

Activities to do in Little Silver

The borough of Little Silver is located in Monmouth County, New Jersey. According to the 2010 census, the population was 5,950. That is a decrease from the 6,170 that was recorded in the 2000 Census, but an increase of 449 from the 5,721 recorded in the 1990 Census.

Several sports programs are available for kids in the Little Silver area. Some are year-round, while others focus on a specific sport. The Little Silver Multiple Use Field is a popular place to play outdoor sports, while the Riverview Medical Center offers tennis and basketball. Kids can also take art classes at The Learning Experience, while others enjoy music classes in Tunes n’ Tots.

If you’re planning a trip to the Jersey Shore, don’t forget to include Little Silver in your itinerary. This quaint town is close to Jersey City and New York. In 2010, there were 5,950 residents in the borough, a slight decrease from the previous census of 6,170.

Attractions to see in Little Silver

Little Silver is located in Monmouth County, New Jersey. As of the 2010 census, the population was 5,950. This is down slightly from the 6,170 reported in the 2000 Census. However, the population was up 449 from the 5,721 recorded in the 1990 Census.

For visitors, the Little Silver area offers a variety of attractions. Although the city is smaller than many others in the United States, visitors will find that it offers many unique attractions that make it a hidden gem. Little Silver is a great side trip from larger cities such as New York and Jersey City.

The town has a rich history that spans the past few centuries. It was first a farming town but today is primarily a residential neighborhood. The town separated from Shrewsbury Township in 1923. Nurseries and farms have been replaced with housing and many New York City commuters make it their home. The town is home to a historic train station designed by noted American architect Henry Hobson Richardson. The train station opened in 1890 and was renovated and reopened in 2003.

The Little Silver train station serves the North Jersey Coast Line. It is one of the few electrified sections of the line without raised platforms. It is located between two grade crossings. Whenever a train stops, it blocks the road for the entire duration of its stop.

There are several trains that run between Newark Penn Station and Little Silver. They run hourly and cost between $4 and $13. The ride takes 1h 9m. It is possible to get around Little Silver by car, bus, or NJ Transit. If you are using public transportation, it is advisable to download the Moovit app and use it.

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